What is the full lamination?


Full lamination (full), also known as non-air-gap technology, and the traditional way of fitting, compared to the whole flat surface from the screen reflected images, you can clearly see the image difference. This is the current mainstream trend of higher order SMT patch processing smart phones and tablet PC panel fit. Process touch panel and components may seem simple, but in fact the touch panel process be the most changeful, in terms of technology, front-end and back-end processes are of great variability and growth.          

Full fitting technology is the direct use of outer panel glass glue paste (or touch panel), the middle is in a vacuum state, thereby allowing the light refraction problem, but if the traditional word of mouth stickers, you can easily see a phenomenon like two pieces of glass. In addition, the whole flat surface can make the screen more high brightness and high quality of reality, and even in the outdoor glare, you can still clearly see the SMT processing of mobile phones or tablet PC screen display content.          

Full will be attached to the file can not be the trend, but the current challenge is the difficulty of fitting than the touch panel glass capacitor attached high difficulty of many, and the size is more difficult. LCD panel and touch panel products are not low prices of these two, in case of damage in the process of fitting, the loss will be very large.

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