Six major applications of touch coffee table


  • Application 1: restaurant, KTV nightclub          

    Function: ordering system, VOD system, game entertainment, surfing the Internet          

  • Application 2: chess and card room, restaurant, private rooms, golf courses and other places          

    Functions: provide games, entertainment, surfing the Internet, pictures, video, news, reading and so on          

  • Application 3: exhibition hall, shopping mall, exhibition hall, decoration company, real estate exhibition hall and so on          

    Function: exhibition hall and shopping mall, map navigation, merchant pictures and advertisement browsing (equivalent to advertising machine)          

  • Application 4: conference hall, office, etc.          

    Function: meeting content demonstration, discussion, office automation and daily leisure          

  • Application 5: financial industry - banking, jewelry          

    Funciton: business inquiries, merchant pictures and advertising browsing (equivalent to advertising machines), jewelry, pictures, effects display          

  • Application 6: library, museum, children's palace, memorial hall and so on          

    Function: reading system, inquiry and introduction system, exhibits, pictures, presentation and introduction

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